The Make Change Challenge

May is Brain Cancer Awareness Month – or Brain Cancer Action Month, if you prefer. Either way, we’d like to ask you to take action and help us raise awareness this month by creating a little change – or more accurately, collecting a little change.

A little change can go a long way – and that’s more than just a saying – which is why we’re launching the “Make Change Challenge” to raise money throughout the month of May for brain cancer charities. Small amounts add up quickly and can make a big difference.

Please join us! Here’s how to participate.

How to Join the Make Change Challenge:

Step 1: Get out your craft supplies and create a Make Change Challenge container. It can be any shape or size, any color, any material.

  • Also, we would love to see what you create — share a picture of your container on social media with #MakeChangeChallenge and #WalkingforTravis. Find change in an interesting place? Post that, too!

Step 2: Find a prominent place to display your container(s).

Step 3: Collect and save change throughout the month of May.

Step 4: Donate your collected change to a program that supports brain cancer research and patient programs.

A few suggestions collecting change:

  • When making a cash purchase, save the leftover coins to add to your change jar;
  • If you live in a bottle deposit state, cash in containers for nickels & dimes and add the change to your jar – collect containers from neighbors to trade in for change.
  • Pick up discarded pennies (note: maybe best to carry some hand sanitizer in case you encounter some sticky money).
  • Do a little spring-cleaning around your house; you may be amazed how much change you’ll find in your couch cushions or under your washer or dryer.

 Are you competitive? Suggest a friendly competition among your family, friends and coworkers to see who can collect the most change in the month of May. You may even consider designating a prize for the person who does collect the most.

 At the end of the month, contribute the change you collect to an organization that supports brain cancer research and programs. Some of our favorites include:



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