Love is Patient.

By Julie


I wrote this back in October in the week between Travis’ diagnosis and his first brain surgery. At the time I wasn’t ready to share it but I am now. We’ve never been much for celebrating Valentine’s Day (instead we observe the Liz Lemon inspired Anna Howard Shaw Day in our house), but I’m feeling sappy and mushy this year so… Happy Valentine’s Day, Travis! I promise to love you as patiently as I possibly can for as long as you’ll put up with me.

“A reading from 1 Corinthians 13: 4-7… Love is patient…”

If you grew up attending catholic weddings, or I guess really any weddings, you know the rest. We went a completely different route at our wedding selecting non-traditional readings that compared us to trees and made the guests chuckle. That was important to me. I wanted everyone to say it was the best wedding ceremony they’d ever been to. Not too long, not too short. Nothing cliché. Just enough tears and just enough laughter.

I claimed it was because I wanted the ceremony to be uniquely “us,” but I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that the competitive side of me wanted some sort of ribbon or trophy for choreographing the perfect event. I guess it’s good that I didn’t pick the reading from first Corinthians, because I already screwed up the part about love not boasting before I even said “I do.”

In re-reading the whole of the scripture I realize now that I knew nothing of what love truly was on the day of my wedding, and that it has only been in living through life’s little lessons that my understanding of truly loving another person has started to take shape. My husband has shown me that love protects as he’s held me through loss and heartbreak. We’ve shown each other that love is not self-seeking by taking turns putting our own careers on hold to help advance the other’s. And we came a long way in trust and perseverance while spending almost a year of our marriage living apart out of necessity during a job change.

But it’s the first line that has evaded my understanding most thus far. Love is patient. Impatience is one of the hallmarks of my personality. I’m a planner. I make lists that include things like “make a list for your upcoming trip.” I have a five year plan, a ten year plan, and a new ten year plan that includes what to do if the initial five year plan somehow turns into a seven year plan.

I am not patient. I have not loved patiently… until this week.

Patiently loving your husband means stopping yourself short of finishing his sentences when he needs a little longer to find the words he is trying to say. It means holding his hand as you walk through a crowded mall because the noise and distraction are too much for him to handle right now. It’s ordering food you know he likes for him so that he doesn’t feel ashamed when he can’t remember the word for “cheeseburger.” It’s not yelling or getting worked up when it takes him two hours to get ready to go to a doctor’s appointment because you told him it was too cold to wear shorts and now he’s looking for winter hats. Patiently loving is reminding him in the moments that he forgets that he has cancer, that he is going to have brain surgery, and that he’s going to be ok, even when you’re not sure you believe the words you’re saying yourself.



3 thoughts on “Love is Patient.

  1. What a beautiful lesson on Love that you shared with us all – In reading this it has also taught me that I need to be more patient – thinking that I am – after reading – knowing I need to work on it. Thank you for Sharing – Prayers for you and Travis – Godspeed.


  2. It has long been said that the only thing one should not pray for is patience……patience is only learned through trials and tribulations…..Until patience is really needed no one truly HS it……God gives us why we need when we need it…..praying for you and Travis s you travel this road of life together.


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