Travis Speaks

By Travis

I didn’t see this video until this week and I don’t remember recording it. I don’t remember much about that day, that week, or many of the things that happened in the months prior to this day, but my wife tells me this was the day I was told I had a brain tumor.

In this video I am explaining to one of my colleagues how to pick up the pieces that I left behind when I abruptly disappeared from my job. Apparently this was one of the activities that Julie and I used to pass the time during my first hospital stay along with coloring, walking laps around the nurses’ station, and watching cat videos on YouTube. Someone from work would ask a question via text and then Julie would record me answering the question, and collectively the group would decipher what it is I was trying to say.

Watching this video now is difficult. I don’t even recognize the person who is talking. I know it is me, but it doesn’t look or sound like me. It is uncomfortable for me to share this video but I am sharing it because I hope that people can learn something from it and from my experience. I hope that those who see this will make their health a priority and will trust the cues their body gives them when they notice that something has changed.

I’ve come a long way in the months since my diagnosis thanks to the work of a cognitive research team at the University of Rochester, and the various therapists I have worked with since my brain surgeries in November. I still have a long way to go but it is amazing to see how far I have come. There is no quick fix for the challenges I have faced and am facing. I hope that none of you are ever faced with something like this, but if you are just know that if you keep at it you can overcome anything.

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4 thoughts on “Travis Speaks

  1. Hi Travis! I doubt you remember me (no pun intended, we met briefly like 15 years ago) I am a friend of Courtney’s. I just wanted to let you know that you are in my thoughts and I’m pulling for you! You have an awesome loving sister and I know she will support you 1000%on your journey, you’re in good hands! I wish you the best. Stay strong! Jen


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  4. Your bravery, courage and persistence is awe inspiring. Love you so much. Julie is quite lucky to have a strong man who defies all odds. But you are lucky to have the sarcasm, humor, and devotion of Julie. You two are forces to be reckon with. The universe definitely created you for each other and I know how that unity as really helped handle this unthinkable obstacle in life. #twopeasinapod #teamwolverinesupporterforlife


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