In Sickness & In Health

By: Julie

When your spouse is diagnosed with cancer you learn quickly what it means to be there “in sickness and in health.” Right now Travis‘ one and only job is beating cancer, and my job is to do everything in my power to help him succeed. His current treatment regimen is very complex so this means coordinating a calendar with an average of 3 appointments each day, managing medical bills, organizing pills and dispensing them at the right times, and arranging daily travel to and from Rochester. It’s a good thing that I love spreadsheets and whiteboards and label makers and three ring binders and… you get the point. 

Anything that makes these complex tasks a little easier is huge, and any assistance we receive with medical/travel bills and logistics is such a relief! In addition to our amazing family and friends who have cooked us meals, driven Travis to appointments, scooped our cats’ litter boxes, and sent us cash and gift cards that have helped pay for food and gas, we have been lucky to have an amazing resource provided by the American Cancer Society (ACS).

Several nights, including tonight, we have had the pleasure of staying at Hope Lodge in Rochester, free of charge. On days when the long drive is just too much to face, this place has offered us respite from the road and the relief from paying for a hotel room. So to anyone who has ever donated to the ACS or participated in an ACS event such as Relay for Life — this is your dollars and your hard work in action! Thank you! Please continue to support these worthy causes!

We’ve chosen to direct our fundraising efforts towards Dana Farber because of their focus on research and dedication to rare cancers like glioblastoma. It can take years and even decades for advances in brain cancer treatment to emerge because patients who are eligible for and healthy enough to participate in studies and trials are rare. Institutions like Dana Farber continue to push the envelope in developing new opportunities for patients like Travis.

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